Bid Round Schedule

Bid Round Schedule

Opening of Bid Round – 28th July 2022, Kinshasa

Webinar - Democratic Republic of the Congo Bid Round Investment Webinar – 20th April 2023

Roadshow Event – London – 11th May 2023

Deadlines - Coastal Basin Blocks

Nganzi Block – 21st April 2023, Yema II Block – 28th April 2023, Matamba-Makanzi II – 5th May 2023 (all 14:00 hrs local time). Delay Expired.

Deadlines – Cuvette Centrale Blocks

Separate deadline for each Block between July 3rd and August 11th 2023.

Deadlines – Lake Tanganyika

Separate Deadline for each Block between September 15th and October 13th 2023.

Deadlines – Lake Albert

Separate Deadline for each Block between October 30th and December 11th 2023.

For exact deadline for each block please check the Document section of the web site that includes the official notices from the Ministry of Hydrocarbons.